Saturday, July 6, 2013

Version 2.1.3 available

Version 2.1.3 is now available. 


A new design has been introduced in this version, with more coherency throughout the application . In addtion to default red theme, a grey theme can be enable in iOS


Version 2.1.3 features a new search algorithm that allows look-up of multiple words.
Weblio is now added as external dictionary.
A button to toogle auto-lookup from toolbar in Ebook reader and Web Browser is available.


Page turn animations are available for the ebook reader with two type :  Curl and slides animations. The selection is possible in the preferences menu of Wakaru.
Toolbar is now transparent when using background textures in ebook reader.


Hiragana title and author name are automatically filled from kanji title and author name when importing custom documents.


Size of flashcards is increased. 
Fix of bugs causing instabilities.


  1. Brilliant app, I am using it every day. One problem at the moment however. I have text files which contain rubi in chevron brackets << like this >> but the text inside is not rendered as rubi. What could be going wrong?

    1. Hi,

      Be sure that the brackets are 《 and 》 as indicated (There are a lot of brackets that looks alike). Your document needs to have the switch "Recognize Aozora Format" on (Library screen -> edit).
      If it still doesn't work, please send me an example of non-working file by email, I will have a look at it.

  2. Cool to see these features added. I really love this app, it's so valuable! However, I'd like to see a few changes made. I want to make the following suggestions:

    -When you bookmark a site it would be nice to be able to rename and reorder the bookmarks

    -It would also be nice to be able to download the browser for PC use so that if I see a Japanese word when on my desktop then I can automatically save it to my study list on my desktop and it would sync with my mobile device so that the next time I'm on my mobile device I see the words I synced from the desktop version as well

    I know these are huge suggestions but I think they'd make the app more versatile. Thank you.

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