Friday, May 10, 2013

Issues with version 2.1.1 --> SOLVED

There are two known issues with version 2.1.1.

First issue

Wakaru would freeze after import of text by newly added "Copy to Library" command (available in the Web Browser) or by the "+" button of quick text or library.

The text is actually imported and the freeze occurs just after the import.

Second issue

It concerns only devices under iOS 5.
The ebook browser would crash when trying to analyze Kanji difficulty of ebooks.

A fix has been posted for both issues and is waiting for validation.


  1. Hi! I really love your app. There's something I noticed in the recent updates though, the icons in Level 1 of Aozora Bunko and Hoshizora Bunko are messed up (see which make it hard to read the complete title of the books. Please make them look like the icons in Level 2-8 ( which are perfect. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for pointing this problem. It will be corrected in version 2.1.3