Friday, May 10, 2013

Version 2.1.1 is available

The main features for version 2.1.1 are :
  1. Integration of Hoshizora Bunko. It should allow access to more modern works than the ones available on Aozora Bunko
  2. Analysis of Kanji difficulty for all texts including users texts
  3. Support of Imiwa as external dictionary


  • Added a command to import text and PDFs document into the Library


  • Corrected bug causing incorrect display of Color & Appareance menu in landscape orientation on the iPhone
  • Correced vertical symbol for hyphen


  • Hoshizora Bunko is built-in in Wakaru. Discover new 8000 ebooks
  • Kanji difficulty is now analysed for user-supplied documents.
  • Kanji difficulty is now displayed when browsing Aozora Bunko in author and title mode.


  • Added an option to read PDFs documents from right to left.It is accessible by "Library"➜"Edit"➜"Reading direction".
  • Fixed bug causing inconstistent page changes when done in rapid succession


  • Added support for Imiwa?


  • Possibility to add a text selection from ebook reader or web browser to flashcard note section. It is useful to add a fragment of text as example of word usage

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