Monday, February 23, 2015

Version 2.3.5 available

This new version improves the interface of space repetition module

  • Question card can be touched to show the answer
  • Gesture are added gesture to rate the card. Swipe up for "good", down for "failed", left for "difficult" and left for "easy"
  • A button enable you to review more cards when the cards for the day are completed

In addition, 3 new templates are available.

Improvement to ebook module are also introduced :

  • Text-to-speech is implemented. It supports rubi annotation. 
  • Background for fast page interface has blur effect
  • Added possibility to change fonts, with 3 fonts available including Mincho. 

Some bug fixes

  • Corrected a bug that prevented purchase of PDF extension from the settings
  • Stability improvement when browsing Aozora Bunko
  • Corrected a bug preventing to change studylist on iPad when dictionary is shown in popover
  • Corrected a bug preventing to access Monokakido italian external dictionary

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