Sunday, February 8, 2015

[TIP] Add example to words in your flashcards

There is a simple way to add example sentences to the words you add to your studylist.

  1. Enable "Copy to note" in Wakaru settings
  2. Select a word, search for its definition
  3. Add the word to a studylist
  4. Select the sentence where the word appears
  5. Tap on "copy to note"
  6. The example sentence is added to the flashcards.

You can leverage this option to add context to your study. Wakaru contains several templates for flashcards that makes use of the content of the user note, either in the question field or in the answer field. 


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  2. It appears that you need to turn off auto look-up for this to work.


  3. This feature is great. It brings additional value to the flashcard generation system.
    But the auto lookup option is also quite convenient. It would be nice to have both available simultaneously, or at least to be able to toggle auto lookup directly from within the e-book reader, without going to the preference pane.

    1. Actually, it is possible to toggle auto-lookup directly from within the e-book reader. Just tap on the auto-lookup icon on the toolbar. It will change color to black to indicate that auto-lookup is disabled.
      Tap again to enable (icon color will change to green)

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