Sunday, May 22, 2011

Version 1.7.0 available

This version brings many improvements for the ebook reader.
Look-up of words located at end of pages is now possible. The page slides to reveal the beginning of the next page. I have also added the support of emphasis mark of Aozora Bunko ebooks.
In the library, ebooks can be sorted by date and I have also added an indicator of reading progress.

For study lists, flash cards can be sorted by date, frequency or randomly.

For the iPhone version, the startup menu is simpler.

For the iPad version, several interface glitches are corrected.

In both iPad and iPhone version, the "Ebook reader" button brings to user directly to the last read book.

A new "quick text" functionality is also implemented. It copies the content of the pasteboard in a simple text file with the built-in dictionary. It is intended to be used for short texts like email or SMS that don`t need to be added to the Library. In quick text the word selection is done by double-tap. I will add the tap and hold selection in next release.

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