Friday, April 1, 2011

Version 1.6.2 available

The version 1.6.2 is available on the AppStore. It corrects the bug described below.


  1. Great idea for the App. I hope it continues to get better. If it were a bit more slick, it would be worth more money.

    Is there a proper place to submit bug reports? I have two kind of major ones.

    1. In the web browser, I can't look up words anymore. I'm pretty sure it used to work. When I select a word, it just highlights and gives me the "Copy" command.

    2. For the library, I can add .txt files from Aozora Bunko using iTunes (via iPhone, Apps, File Sharing, Wakaru Documents). But they never show up in the library.

    I have been able to load Aozora docs by loading the XHTML version and using copy and paste, but the rubi furigana doesn't work.


  2. Thank for your comments. Can you contact me at following address
    wakaruapp at gmail dot com. It will be easier to exchange with you by email.

    To shortly answer your concerns :
    1/ in the Web browser the copy action triggers the search.
    2/ Can you send me the txt file from Aozora Bunko that causes problems? One possibility is that the format is not SJIS. For the xhtml, Wakaru doesn't support this format (yet), so it is normal that the rubi don't show.