Sunday, December 14, 2014

[TIP] Open a web page in Wakaru from Safari

I will explain how to add a shortcut in Safari to open in Wakaru any web pages.

1/ Open wakaru, go to the help (button (i)) and then go to the web browser section.

2/ Copy the code in the frame

3/ Open safari and go to any page. 

4/ Tap the action button

5/ Tap add bookmark and replace the page name by "Wakaru". Don't change the url at this point (it is not editable at this point)

6/ Open the bookmark manager

7/ Tap edit at the bottom of the page and edit "Wakaru" bookmark. In the url field, paste the piece of code copied in Wakaru previously.

8/ Go back to the main screen of the bookmark manager and tap done at the bottom

9/ Then, when you tap on "Wakaru" bookmark in Safari, the current page is opened in Wakaru.

1 comment:

  1. I just set this up in Safari and it works really well. Now I can conveniently decipher and read many more Japanese websites. I can now manage to try to read and understand a whole new world of Japanese online resources because of this function! Wakaru is becoming a very important tool in my Japanese Language Study Toolbox. Thank you for making this very useful function available to us users of your excellent app!