Thursday, March 28, 2013

Version 2.0.9 release

After few weeks without a major release, version 2.0.9 of Wakaru is available.
This version features a lot of change under the hood to enable future evolutions.

More visible to the user are a lot of bug fixes and improvements.


[iPhone version] Interface is improved with larger backward/forward buttons and a navigation bar like Safari
Added a menu command to import selection to directly to the library
The current URL is displayed and is editable


Wakaru can import .txt file from other applications (including mail)
Added some new Japanese paper background textures
The background textures are now sorted by color
Fixed bug causing incorrect position of brightness slider
Fixed bug causing page shift when device is rotated back and forth


Fixed bug causing Wakaru to always re-open documents at the first page
Fixed bug related to bookmarks
Fixed display bug for long document title


Added possibility to sort ebooks by Kanji level
Added preference setting to either launch latest viewed ebook or show library contents when tapping "Ebook reader" on main menu
Modified position of help button


Wakaru can import quick text content to directly to the "library"


Wakaru remembers drill mask on/off for each card
Wakaru remembers studylist state (order/position of flashcards)


Updated edict dictionary


Update database

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