Saturday, July 7, 2012

Version 2.0.1 Issue with dictionary popover

Some users pointed out an issue with popover dictionary in version 2.0.1.I have identified a bug in the last update of Wakaru (version 2.0.1).

The dictionary popover doesn't show after you trigger any other popup than the dictionary to appear.
It means if you touch buttons like preferences, flashcard, bookmarks, help..., the dictionary popup won't appear.
A bug fix is on its way. It should be available to the users in a week (normal validation time in the AppStore).
Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. Can u add a feature to sort the texts by JLPT vocab?

  2. Hi

    It is probably possible but do you think the results will be very different than the sort already provided by kanji level ( that it is using kanji list of JLPT prior to 2010)?
    I feel it is fairly the same thing. Could you give a feedback on the benefit for you compared to the sort by kanji difficulty?

  3. I am familiar with most of the jlpt kanjis.. I did the remembering the kanji book by james heisig although my vocab level is only n3..i m finding it very difficult to read texts even in level 3 or 4..i have to lookup around 10 words every plz if u can add this feature it will be awesome