Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wakaru version 1.5 available

Wakaru version 1.5 is available on the app store.

For this release, I concentrated on new features for the ebook reader:

  • vertical text layout
  • fast page change with slider
  • tap mode for page change
  • display of a clock
  • auto-lookup : no need to tap "search" to look-up a word
  • shortcut to go to latest read file
  • support of SJIS format for imported files

For studylist, export in csv format is now supported (in addition to html tables).

I have also fixed some bugs :

  • rubi display of imported text file
  • selection of flash card in iphone version
  • handling of studylist name change
  • random crash during look-up

The next version will bring improvements to the dictionary.

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